Positive Parenting in the UAE

Positive parenting enables us to raise happy and confident kids. The idea is simple: our children will flourish when we bond with them, set a good example for them, and respond to them with respect, empathy, and love. This applies to babies, toddlers, school-age kids, pre-teens, teenagers, and even adult children! I teach these parenting skills - and more - in my Dubai positive parenting workshops.

Here are six tips to help you parent more positively:

1. Bond with your children

A strong parent-child bond is key. We can cultivate this connection by noticing what our kids need (and giving it to them). Physical touch, communication, and shared activities can also help us connect with our children.

2. Model good behavior

Children learn through what they see (have you ever heard the expression, "Monkey see, monkey do"?). We can teach our children how to behave by setting a good example for them.

3. Let them practice

It's important to create opportunities for our kids to practice good behavior. This can include role playing certain activities and situations. Practice builds their skillset and their confidence in a controlled environment.

4. Praise kids when they do something good

We have a tendency to focus on what our kids do wrong. This means that, sometimes, we don't notice all of the things that they do right! Praising our kids when they do something good is a simple way to encourage them to keep it up.

5. Stay calm Mom and Dad

Moms and Dads are not perfect - neither are kids. We need to remember this in frustrating situations. Taking a minute to catch our breath so that we can respond (rather than react) to their behavior is key. We need to consciously think about how our kids are feeling in the moment. Empathy, along with respect and love, are at the core of positive parenting.

6. Self-care makes you a better parent

It's easier to respond to our kids in an empathetic and respectful way when we are rested. Recharging our batteries also allows us to discipline our kids in a more positive way. Make a few minutes each day for yourself - it's good for your well-being and makes you a better parent too.

Remember, I'm here to support you on your parenting journey in the UAE. Please get in touch if you would like a one-on-one parenting consultation.