Choosing the right psychologist and clinic can be challenging and overwhelming. This is what some of our clients had to say about their experiences with us.


I was going through a tough time when I decided to finally talk to a professional.

Dr.Sarah helped me overcome a personal issue I was facing between me and myself first and made me realize after 1 session how I should act about a family situation between my husband and I. She never pressured or told me what to do, she just led me to my decision.

The whole team at Thrive is very welcoming and nice and they make you feel as if you were at home :)

I would highly recommend you to checkout Dr. Sarah's clinic for any personal/family issue you're facing.

31-year-old female client who received services from Dr. Sarah

It is a shame we underestimate the enormous positive change we can bring to our lives with a little outside help. Dr. Sarah helps identify problematic thinking cycles that stop us from achieving our potential and provides compassionate, tailor-made assistance for a range of mental health issues. I am very encouraged and excited going forward with the tools she has provided me to better respond to my challenges. I feel many of us could very well use a little guidance at some point in our lives, and just asking for it makes a world of difference to our day-to-day experience and self-confidence.

29-year-old female client who received services from Dr. Sarah

I visited the Thrive Wellbeing Center for a number of sessions with Dr Sarah who was very professional and courteous; helping me a lot to cope with some difficulties and who was able to quickly build a climate of trust that made the sessions flow very easily. I'm very appreciative of the work Dr Sarah and her team do in making it easy to go through this process.

42-year-old male client who received services from Dr. Sarah

Having suffered with anxiety for many years and trying lots of self help techniques to manage it by myself, I finally reached out to Thrive Wellbeing Centre to start a course of CBT to try and get some practicals everyday help that could guide me through my anxiety. Dr Sarah was nothing short of amazing. Listening and gently guiding me along and encouraging me to change some long term habits and mindsets that I had, I gradually started to feel more confident that I could cope with my anxiety. It was a ‘two steps forward, one step back’ process at the start , but now I feel like I have the tools and inner voice to guide me through those anxious times when they arise. I couldn’t recommend Thrive Wellbeing Centre enough and I know if I need some more support I’ll be able to go back and pick up where I left off.

42-year-old female client who received services from Dr. Sarah

I am a student counsellor at Emirates International School Jumeirah and have referred many students to The Thrive Wellbeing Centre. The families who have worked with Dr. Ola have been impressed and pleased with the progress their children have made due to the effective therapy sessions.
I have personally attended counselling workshops at the centre and have received many tools and strategies which I can apply in my job.
The ladies at Thrive Wellbeing Centre are approachable and try to accommodate and support where they are able to.

School Counsellor who has referred many clients to Dr. Ola

We were very lucky to have found Thrive Wellbeing Centre when one of our teenagers needed professional help and support through some difficult times. Dr. Ola’s warm personal approach and creative professional methods made a huge difference on our teenager’s path to recovery. At each of our visits, we were also met with a very welcoming and friendly atmosphere at the clinic, starting with Valentina, the front desk administrator, all the way to Dr. Sarah, the director. If one of your loved ones is going through some difficulties, I would recommend Thrive Wellbeing Centre without any hesitation.

Mother who received services from her teenage daughter from Dr. Ola

During the academic year 2018/19 I was the Head of Inclusion at Kings' School Al Barsha. Dr Rasmi and Thrive provided us with ten parent workshops on a variety of topics from sleep, managing assessments, healthy eating, cyber safety, anxiety, and divorce (to name a few). Each workshop was planned, prepared and delivered to an audience of parents with care, consideration and contained informative and supportive information. Now I am moving to Jumeirah College I am happy to continue this relationship and support for our students and parents. Highly recommended.

Head of Inclusion at Kings’ School Al Barsha about the workshops that Thrive offered to their school community

Thrive Wellbeing Centre has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.  I strongly recommend Thrive and their therapist. Thrive has supported me to manage some challenging situations on a personal level. In addition, I have referred some of my students, their parents and work colleagues when they were dealing with personal issues, which needed the assistance of a Clinical Psychologist.

School Counsellor

I cannot recommend and thank Dr Sarah at Thrive enough for her help. Dr Sarah provides a professional, non judgmental and productive space to speak openly about my anxiety and has helped to equip me with the skills to challenge myself and help alter my behaviour patterns. I have undertaken counseling and CBT before and have found Dr Sarah to be by far the best I have experienced and responded to. Thank you very much!

36-year-old female client who received services from Dr. Sarah

I highly recommend the therapists at Thrive. The whole environment is warm and friendly and the therapists are excellent. If your children are dealing with personal issues this is definitely the place that will help them move through it with ease

Mother who received services for her 12-year-old son from Malak, and her 7-year-old daughter from Dr. Ola

I highly recommend Thrive. Dr Sarah is someone I can trust. She’s been fantastic in helping me work through challenges. As a man it’s always difficult to ask for help, but going to Thrive and seeing Dr Sarah was the best decision.

28-year-old male client who received services from Dr. Sarah

Dr Sarah and her team were brilliant when I saw them a few months ago. Possibly like most clients I was nervous, scared and apprehensive about going along, talking and opening up about issues I was facing.

The environment at Thrive is very calm, friendly and welcoming and I felt instantly comfortable and at ease in my first session with Dr Sarah. There was no judgement and I was made to feel relaxed and safe which allowed me to open up and speak freely. The sessions were run very professionally and were also warm, interesting and positive which was a perfect mix.

I would highly recommend Thrive and Dr Sarah. I feel very fortunate to have found them in Dubai. A big thank you to everyone at Thrive.

43-year-old female client who received services from Dr. Sarah

I had been going through quite a turbulent time when I finally decided to seek help. As a guy I was quite uncomfortable reaching out, however, I believe I reached out to the right people. Dr Sarah's sessions were a breakthrough for me, I had managed in a short period of time to get my life back on track and gain some valuable tools to help me deal with future obstacles. I highly recommend Dr Sarah as she manages to provide a very friendly environment (in fact it feels like you are talking to a very close friend) and she really helps in breaking down the problems into smaller manageable issues for you to tackle.

36-year-old male client who received services from Dr. Sarah

Very welcoming people, never felt so safe. Dr. Sarah and Dr. Malak are accommodating, lovely, kind and beautiful souls and I trust them with my whole heart.

25-year-old female who has received services from Malak

Receiving appropriate general psychological help, let alone help for postpartum issues in an environment where mental health is significantly undervalued had proven to be a challenge until I stumbled upon the Thrive Wellbeing Centre.

Beginning with Valentina, the engaging and empathetic office manager, whose warmth of tone encouraged me to take one more chance to receive help and over the phone no less.

While Dr. Rasmi, equipped with both academic, research-based experience as well as applied psychological/counselling training was the perfect fit or "ally", as per her counselling philosophy, for me. In just a few sessions, I had already begun to feel more optimistic about my situation. I greatly benefitted from and appreciated both the scientific rigour and the practicability of her counsel and felt that she worked hard to try and understand me, my situation and develop tailored strategies as opposed to stock-standard responses.

Despite having to end our sessions abruptly due to moving abroad, the centre and Dr. Rasmi keep touching base with me. That, is a rare thing in Dubai! Also as a new parent, I wish I could have had the opportunity to attend the workshops that Dr. Rasmi and her team provided. The topics seem well-researched and extremely apt for what expat parents, like myself, would find useful, necessary even.

So thank you Thrive for making me and many others I imagine feel a little less alone and a little more supported!

31-year-old female client who received services from Dr. Sarah

I visited with Dr. Sarah due to a disturbing anger incident and issues with stress and anxiety. The sessions were immediately helpful and Dr. Sarah combined intelligent, gentle probing with cathartic conversation to enable her and me to better understand the reasons behind the issues. Through this understanding she was able to recommend various techniques and practices to improve my general demeanour. All in all Sarah's insight, experience and conversational manner were extremely useful in pinpointing areas to work on and ways to relax, stay calm and maintain a better life outlook. I certainly recommend her.

55-year-old male client who received services from Dr. Sarah