Parenting in Dubai: My Appearance on The Uma Show

I was so excited to talk parenting with the wonderful Uma Ghosh

Here are some of the interview highlights:

1. How do we instill values in our children?

First, we need to get on the same page as our partner. Then, we need to name the values (e.g., "In our family, it's important to be kind."). We also need to model the behavior for them, because children learn more from what they see than what they hear. The next step is to praise our children's value-consistent behavior and correct behavior that goes against our family values.

2. When should we give things to our children?

Give as much time and attention to your kids as you can. A lot of research shows that children, as they get older, remember the experiences and connections with their parents more than the gifts that they received.

3. How important is it to say 'no' to our children?

We need to say 'no' sometimes. If we never say 'no' to our kids, we are disadvantaging them. They will hear it at school and at work, and if that's the first time that our children hear it, then they won't have the coping mechanisms required to deal with that situation and problem-solve their way out of it.

4. How can we effectively communicate with our kids?

Keep it short and keep it simple. Don't ask a question if you're not giving them a choice. I teach specific communication skills in my positive parenting workshops.

5. How can we manage technology in our household?

We have to find the boundaries that work for us. I recommend having a family discussion where you decide on the technology rules. There are wonderful websites where you can print contracts and sign them.

6. How do we make our kids value relationships?

We need to start by having a strong bond with our kids. The way we connect with them when they are born serves as a blueprint for their relationships later in life. We can foster a strong bond by noticing what they need, giving it to them, and talking to them, listening to them, and doing things with them. We also need to model good relationships ourselves.

Remember, I'm here to support you on your positive parenting journey in the UAE. Please get in touch if you would like a one-on-one parenting consultation.

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