Boosting Children's Happiness (with a box)

We might make different parenting choices, but one thing we can agree on is that we want to raise happy kids. This is because happier people are more successful in a number of life domains, including social relationships, education, school/work, and health (both physical and psychological).

There are a number of things that improve happiness. I've partnered with Kidore - the fabulous online children's store - to bring you a selection of products that can be used to boost your children's happiness (and yours too).


Here are some ways that we can boost our children's happiness:

1. Teach them to be grateful.

Acknowledging our good fortune makes us happier. Your children can start a gratitude journal. Have them list three things that they were grateful for each day. Flip through the book every so often to help your kids realize just how blessed they are. They'll be more likely to keep it up if they have a cool notebook and pencil, like the ones in this pack.

2. Make sure they get enough rest.

Well-rested people are happier than those who are not. Avoiding caffeine, screens, and vigorous exercise (or play) a few hours before bed will make it easier to fall asleep at bedtime. A relaxing bath can also help, especially when it includes an aromatic bath sprudel.

3. Encourage them to get outdoors.

Spending time in nature reduces stress and boosts happiness. The Dubai winter is a great time to introduce the kids to gardening. Tending to a plant and watching it grow is a nice way to bond.



Parenting, Well-BeingSarah Rasmi