The Calm Down Box for Toddlers and Kids

Many of the parents I work with ask me whether they should discipline their kids with "time out" or a "naughty step". My role is to support parents on their parenting journey - which means I help them select the strategies that will work best for their family.

One of the strategies that I suggest is called the "Calm Down Box". This is a collection of items that can be used to reduce a child's anger, frustration, or boredom. The idea is simple: Providing your child with certain things - or engaging them in specific activities - can help them manage their emotions. The great for calming toddler tantrums and engaging older kids. 

As parents, we will often pick up a book, watch TV, or engage in some sort of pleasurable activity when we need to blow off steam (or kill time). The calm down box does the same thing for kids.

I've partnered with Kidore - the fabulous online children's store - to bring you a selection of calming products for children. It's important to use age-appropriate items, so we have a toddler box as well as one for older kids.

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What's in my calm down box?

1. Coloring or activity books.

2. Play dough or clay.

3. Bubbles or goo.

4. Building blocks

5. Puzzles

6. Books

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