Am I Depressed? How Do I Know? And What Should I Do About It?

Do you ever wonder if you're depressed? If so, you are not alone. There are over 300 million people right now who are struggling with depression. I speak to some of them everyday. One of the first questions they ask me is...

"How do I know if I'm depressed?"

Depression looks different for different people. However, there are some common depression symptoms. People who are depressed usually experience changes to how they feel, think, and act.

Some common symptoms include:

  • Feeling sad, or down for most of the day

  • Loss of energy

  • Feeling guilty or worthless

  • Losing interest in activities that you once enjoyed

  • Changes to your appetite and weight (either eating more/gaining weight or eating less/losing weight)

  • Changes to your sleep (either sleeping more, sleeping less, or experiencing interrupted sleep)

"I have a lot of these depression signs - what do I do next?"

You don't have to go through this alone.

Reach out to a local psychologist. Give us a call if you're in Dubai. We can talk to you about your concerns and advise you on your next steps. Book a no obligation phone call today.

We currently work with people who have mild to moderate depression. We use an evidence-based treatment to teach you coping strategies to enhance your mental health. If we can't support you, then we will make sure to refer you to a licensed and qualified professional who can. Click here to learn more or book an appointment.