Valentine's Day is about LOVE - celebrate the people that matter, including yourself!

Most people associate Valentine's Day with red roses and candlelit dinners, but that's not the only way that we can celebrate. The essence of Valentine's Day is love - whether it is for our partner, our kids, our friends, or even ourselves. What are you planning to do on Wednesday? Here are some options.

This Valentine's Day... 

1. Reignite your relationship

There are so many ways to spend Valentine's Day with our partner. Just remember where we go isn't as important as what we do when we get there. Leaving our distractions at the door will help us really reconnect with one another. This means ditching the devices and talking about something other than our schedules, kids, finances, and other practicalities. What more is there to talk about? We can start with a walk down memory lane and see where it takes us.

2. Connect with the kids

Including our littlest loves on Valentine's Day is a great way to connect as a family, while also teaching them the importance of acknowledging and prioritizing the people we care about. This could mean going out for a kid-friendly meal or taking the more unconventional route and doing a fun activity (check out TimeOut Kid's top picks for Dubai). 

3. Fête your friends

Friends are like the family that we choose, but we often forget them on Valentine's Day. The occasion can be particularly difficult for our friends who are single (and looking), especially if they are the only single person in the group. Many single people avoid going out on Valentine's Day because they don't want to be surrounded by "cheesy couples" or deal with persistent pick up lines. We can show our single friends how much they mean to us by planning a fun evening together. 

4. Prioritize your preferences

As we know, spending time with our loved ones is really important for our own well-being. But sometimes what we need most is some time for ourselves. We can show some self-love by practicing some self-care this Valentine's Day. What we do will depend on what we are interested in - the important thing is that we look after our own needs. It might seem selfish, but it's not - looking after our own needs is good for everyone around us.

Wishing you a very Happy Valentine's Day no matter what you decide to do!

Dr. Sarah

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