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Positive Parenting Skills (Moms & Dads)

Research shows that positive parenting has benefits for the entire family. In this session, we will cover the principles of positive parenting, and how you can use them to care for your kids (and yourself!) in a more loving, respectful, and empathetic way.


We will cover:

-Maintaining a strong parent-child bond

-Positive parent-child communication

-Setting realistic expectations

-Encouraging good behavior and managing misbehavior in a more positive way

-Making time for your own well-being on a tight schedule

The strategies you will learn are relevant to children of all ages, but the discussions, activities, and role plays will be tailored to your children's ages.

Your investment for the workshop is only 2.5 hours and AED 250.

We are offering attendees a follow-up one-on-one appointment with Dr. Sarah for a special rate.

Pre-registration is required. Book now.