Your Ultimate (& Simple) Summer Guide to Self-Care

Holidays can be relaxing, but they can be stressful too. It's important for us to make time for ourselves, amidst all of the other plans that we have for the break.

Self-care isn't selfish. It gives you the energy you need to be the best version of you. Here are some simple, inexpensive, and quick ways to integrate self-care into your daily routine.

1. Connect with others

Social relationships are the key to our well-being, according to many studies including the recent Harvard Study of Adult Development. Face-to-face interaction is great, but a quick phone call can be helpful as well.

2. Stimulate your senses

Look at a beautiful piece of art, listen to a lovely song, have one of your favorite foods, smell a captivating scent, take a warm bath... or, if you're in Dubai, cool off in a refrigerated pool!

3. Do something you love

Our lives are busy. Often, this means that we spend our days doing things that we NEED to do - whether that's paying a bill, shuttling our kids from school to their activities, running errands, or going to work. We seldom make time to do the little things that bring us pleasure, whether that's going to the spa, or singing in the shower! Take time for yourself today and observe the difference in how you feel. You deserve it.

4. Meditate or pray

Connecting with yourself, or a higher power, is linked to well-being.

5. Master a skill

Many of us stop doing our favorite activities when we are busy and stressed, but this is the time we need them the most. Make time for something you enjoy. You'll hone your skills which is great, but you'll also get to experience that magical feeling of "flow", which is strongly tied to our well-being.

6. Express your emotions

A good laugh, or a good cry, can be just what we need. You can do this with someone else, or by yourself if you prefer.

7. Get active

Exercise is great not just for our bodies, but our minds too. It produces endorphins in our brains which leave us feeling happy and positive. Grab a buddy or just your headphones and go for a jog, or even just dance around your living room. Do whatever suits you and makes you feel best.

8. Catch up on sleep

We all know that we need it, but we often sacrifice sleep for our busy lives. Catching up on our sleep can be one of the ultimate forms of self-care, as it allows our bodies and mind to repair and rejuvenate. Everything is easier when we are rested.

Download & share our summer self-care guide - and try to remember to make a few minutes for yourself everyday!

Self-care infographic_Dr Sarah Rasmi