Our Story


The UAE aims to become the “happiest of all nations” at a time when global rates of depression and anxiety are higher than ever before. Meeting these needs, Thrive Wellbeing Centre by Dr. Sarah Rasmi officially opened its doors on February 4, 2018 to people looking for the support they need to both heal and thrive in their lives.

Passionate about families and well-being, Dr. Sarah Rasmi decided to leave her successful academic career to dedicate herself to the community. Staying true to her academic roots, all of the Centre’s services are evidence-based and grounded in the latest psychological science.

An internationally-recognized parenting expert, Dr. Sarah holds a special place in her heart for parents and families. Unlike many psychology centres, Thrive Wellbeing Centre offers a large range of services - from positive parenting workshops to adolescent skills development to in-home family consultations - that arm parents with the tools they need to overcome challenges and reach their potential.

As life can be stressful, Thrive Wellbeing Centre also supports people who are struggling with depression, anxiety, stress, and worry. The Centre uses a short-term evidence-based treatment that teaches people coping strategies to enhance their mental health. As advocates of positive psychology, Thrive Wellbeing Centrealso equips people with tools to enhance their well-being, productivity, and relationships. In addition, the team of qualified and licensed professionals offers these services to organizations looking to improve employee well-being, as well as their productivity and financial bottom-line.