Depression Therapy in Dubai

Overcome your depression with support from our expert psychologists in Dubai.

You probably found this page because you believe that you - or someone you know - might be depressed.  Take this simple 2-minute test to find out if you have any symptoms of depression.

This test is known as the Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9). It is widely used to screen, diagnose, monitor, and measure depression. This brief tool identifies the frequency and severity of depression symptoms. Please remember that taking this test on your own is not the same as getting a clinical diagnosis. To do that, you must reach out to a psychologist. Our team is here to help.

Get in touch to find out how we can help you overcome your depression. Contact us however you feel most comfortable, whether it’s through email, WhatsApp, webform, phone-call (+971 56 895 2347), Instagram message, Facebook chat… whatever works best for you! Our goal is to make you comfortable.

Depression is a relatively common - yet potentially serious - condition that can affect your quality of life. The good news is that depression is manageable and treatable. The first step is acknowledging that you might be struggling - which you have already done by finding this page. The second step is asking for help. What are you waiting for? Take the next step and reach out - it could very well change your life. Remember, needing support doesn’t make you weak or flawed. We all need a little extra help sometimes and our expert psychologists are here for you. Learn much more about depression in our recent “am I sad or depressed” blog post - or our depression meaning and symptoms page.

We offer confidential and caring support for children, teenagers, and adults in Dubai. Our depression treatment is available in English, Arabic, French, and Russian.

Am I depressed (depression symptoms)?

Are you wondering if you are depressed? Here are the symptoms of depression:

  1. Low mood (feeling sad, feeling depressed, or feeling down for most of the day)

  2. Loss of interest in activities that you once enjoyed

  3. Lack of energy (fatigue)

  4. Change in appetite (eating more or less than usual) with corresponding weight change

  5. Sleep disturbances (sleeping more or less than usual; difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep)

  6. Feelings of guilt or worthlessness

  7. Difficulty concentrating or thinking

  8. Recurrent thoughts of death or suicide, or suicidal behavior

Many people experience these symptoms of depression without being depressed. You may be depressed if these depression symptoms persist for two or more weeks.

What do we do during a session?

What we do in a session will depend on the type of treatment that you are getting. CBT is a structured talk therapy session with activities and exercises. Integrative psychotherapy is an unstructured talk therapy session where we explore whatever the client wants to focus on. Art therapy, play therapy, and sandtray therapy will centre on a creative task, but will also incorporate some talk.

Why should you work with us?

We are warm, empathic, experienced and non-judgmental mental health professionals (with the option for English, Arabic, French, and Russian). We combine the latest research and best practice with your goals to give you the best tools for you in our confidential and affordable depression therapy sessions.

How is depression treated at Thrive?

We offer several different treatment options at Thrive.

1. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a widely used type of talk therapy (psychotherapy). CBT is an evidence-based treatment, which means that it has been shown to be effective through clinical trials. This CBT depression therapy is evidenced based - conducted by professionals in Dubai.

Dr. Sarah Rasmi is our in-house CBT practitioner, although Malak and Dr. Ola integrate it into their practice as well.

2. Integrative psychotherapy

There are many different therapeutic approaches: cognitive behavioral therapies, psychoanalysis and psychodynamic therapies, and humanistic and existential therapies. In addition to CBT, we offer holistic therapy. This means that we draw from different approaches based on our clients’ needs.

Malak Kamel (M.A.) is an integrative psychotherapist. Her approach is generally strengths-based, empowerment-driven, and emotion centered.

3. Art therapy, play therapy, and sandtray therapy

In addition to talk therapy, we offer creative therapies including art therapy, play therapy, and sandtray therapy. These therapeutic modalities are a wonderful alternative, especially when people have difficulty expressing themselves verbally. Children and adolescents, regardless of their creative inclinations/abilities, have a tendency to respond well to these types of therapies. Talk therapy - especially CBT is also incorporated into the sessions.

Dr. Ola Pykhtina is our art therapist, play therapist, and sandtray therapist. She specializes in working with children, teenagers, and young people aged 3 and up.

Your life and well-being are important. We are here to support you.